edison: part 7

 with my big city jobs and james's big city jobs combined, we were able to pay all the real estate fees and buy our big old barn on an owner contract.  we pulled up anchor in portland, said a fond farewell to our second mortgage, goodbye to the busy streets and the coffee shop baristas, goodbye to the eucalyptus and the raspberries we planted, goodbye to our favorite taqueria, goodbye garbage beach...goodbye everyone.  we'll see you again.   

today, we've been full fledged edisonians for a smidge over two years, part-timers for six.  in that window we've worked to make many improvements, adding woodstoves and removing rot, painting and paneling, lighting and wiring, insulating and roofing, cleaning and cleaning and cleaning some more....changing things around gradually, inch by inch toward our someday dream of the full conversion, from industrial barn to modern and luxurious home, with little more than tenacity and elbow grease.  although it can be a little claustrophobic sometimes in that quintessential small-town way, we've fallen fast in love with our little neighborhood, not only for it's quaint, quiet, breathe-deep wide-open-spaces locale, but for it's real honest-to-goodness sense of community, something that's a little hard to come by these days.  it's taken a long time to unwind my tangled mess of a heart and mind, but i feel safe here.  i'm finally, finally getting somewhere.

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  1. That's my whisk that's going in my new kitchen, that's not finished yet.