i said it once

it's awkward, finding someone you don't know in your backyard.  it probably wouldn't happen anywhere but here.  now i know i live in downtown edison, which seems to be some sort of vortex of a rural tourist trap, but it still just don't feel right, havin someone trompsin' around in my backyard.  especially when they're taking photos.  of my backyard: my mess, my collections, my house....maybe even me.  what's even more awkward is finding a way to respectfully tell them to get the hell off of my property.  so today,  i made a sign, in response to the nice lady with the sneezing dog snooping around our wood piles, and in anticipation of a busy summer full of visitors who don't really know where public property ends and private begins.  so now, all i have to say is "can't you read?"

1 comment:

  1. keep out or i will lasso your turkey? i love the sign.