in preparation

in the event of an earthquake and tsunami of such large proportions like the one that just happened in japan, it is inevitable that someone might suggest the idea of a coming doomsday.  so many prophecies are said to line up to this coming year.  so today, when james was on the phone with his grandma and she suggested that jesus was finally coming this may, i was not surprised.  when i was in college, my grandma gave me the "left behind" series to watch on vhs.  it was very important to her that i see it.  and although kirk cameron was really the only reason i watched the movie, some of it stuck with me, thinking about the idea of apocalypse, how i would react, and what that would really mean for all of us.  truly, some of the images of the tsunami i saw today seemed apocalyptic:  cars in the ocean, neighborhoods aflame, unstable nuclear reactors...total chaos.  it's possible, yes, very possible for everything to collapse overnight in this day and age, and you don't have to be a christian to see that...environmental health is nearing the brink of catastrophe!  one of these days the planet is just going to have to fight back!  so what will you do when you have no electricity, no heat, no grocery store, no gas?  how will you live with no espresso, no shower, no facebook, no booze?  how will you adapt? cuz me and james and the cats, we're packin up our dried beans and a kettle, wildcrafting books, fishin poles, pocket knives, a hatchet and some matches and headin for the hills!

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