today, james and i were eating our "hobo's lunch" consisting of tuna and tortilla chips, sitting on the ground on our front porch facing the sun.  yes, finally, the sun, in full force.  i can feel it warming my heart, james said, and i knew it was true, happening all around me, happiness from the sun growing out of the ground in synchronicity with the daffodils, nettles and crocuses.  i could feel it warming my face, pulling me out of my shell like the opening leaves on the spindly twiggy blueberry bushes, making me want to work and whistle and do handstands outside, making the neighbors smile wider and say their hello's with a little more zest.  and i thought to myself, it's no wonder ancient cultures placed the sun at the center of their deity worship.  when the sun comes out, we all seem to rise to the occasion.

happy spring!

((religion comes from ancient astrology and the sun:  parts 1, 2, 3))

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