sometimes a disagreement starts, and nobody knows how or why.  but it happens.  blood pressures rise, tensions mount, voices escalate.   its natural, a part of life, a part of being together.  it's scary: how two people who love each other so completely can one second be best friends, and the next, be at odds in such a primal way.  but it happens. not just to me, or to you.  it happens to everyone.  from stress, confusion, differences in opinion.  from low blood sugar, too much coffee, from impatience, or frustration.  it happens to everyone.  but it's so much better to get along, this we know all too well.  

every time we fight, i know it will be over soon.   i trust that when we disagree, when we argue, the time will come when we look at each other embarrassed. one of us will eep out an apology.  we'll hug, and then laugh, hug some more, and it will be over.  to me, that's what marriage is about: making it work.   forgiveness.  knowing it will work.  trusting in the endurance of love.   

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