pinch me

i forgot to wear green today.  instead i made a green superfood smoothie for breakfast, planted a little evergreen tree in my backyard, and then painted this green paper crane for my one-a-day.  i'm not irish, i won't pretend to know what saint patrick's day is really about, besides a celebration of irish culture.  so i looked it up on wikipedia, learned a little, and found out (!) that people go so far as to dye the chicago river green on st. paddy's day using 40 pounds plumber's dye.  hmm.  looks a lot like radioactive toxic sludge from the pages of a comic book i've seen before.  i'd like to know what the fish have to say about that!


  1. There are no fish in the Chicago river. Army corps of engineers made it flow backwards. Fish don't like that.......

  2. Yes, in fact there is actually an electric fish repulsion fence in south chicago, to keep fish from getting in the river. there are some nonnative fish coming up from the south, that they dont want in the great lakes, so they have an invisible electric fence right in the canal that feeds the chicago river.

  3. what kind of river has no fish?? yikers. the wonders of human ingenuity.