treading water

 i've been known to get in over my head before.  and so i guess it should come as no surprise that i last minute double booked two art shows scheduled to open by april first.  that gives me scarcely more than two weeks to prepare.  in that amount of time, i will hopefully whip out at least a couple new oil paintings, and frame as many one-a-days as i can muster the glass cleaner for. times a'wastin, clocks a'tickin; every golden minute could be utilized toward productivity.  today, i gave myself a break, one precious day off, just because i'm tired and i know i need a reprieve.  tomorrow, i attempt to harness every last little bit of motivation...and conquer the world!  my little world, at least.  wish me luck!


  1. good luck! And your show at the OTC is just beautiful. I love the dancing couple. Where is that?

  2. best of luck!!! but really, it seems you have plenty of talent & drive to make this happen and luck will just make it a bit easier, which of course you deserve. have fun with it!
    p.s. love your edison story.

  3. good luck jb - where are the shows? i would love to come. haven't seen you in ages.