slow and steady

 mondays here are divine.  i spent mine in blissful haze of last night's celebrations, going about my business as usual, framing my watercolors for the upcoming show.  it was quiet in the house, james gone off to fetch groceries with his sis and nephew, so quiet you could hear a single leaf fall on the red metal roof, hear the whoosh of the wind against the windows, quieter still without any stereo blather to keep me company.  sometimes, and usually, after a busy weekend of socializing, running the store, explaining this or that...the stillness is a tonic.  i purposefully don't turn on music,  the only sounds being the periodic whoowhoowhoo and slapping of wings from our resident gaggle of mourning doves, that and the heavy slogging of my clogs on the wooden floor.  i got a lot accomplished today, slowly, methodically.   washing the glass with soap and hot water, wiping it with a dry rag, trimming each painting to fit, slipping the paper against the glass, nestling the cardboard against the back, pushing in the glazier's points, turning it around, and voila! reveling in the resolve of tidy completion...again, and again.

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