lucky stars

i'm not so sure about the information chain.  what's real anymore?  what's truth?  i've been checking as many news sources as i can find, and every one says something different about the magnitude of the nuclear crisis in japan.  am i looking through rose colored lenses?  it seems as if everybody has an agenda, everyone is covering some part of their own ass, or someone else's ass for that matter.  should i be worried?  i don't know.  will the radiation reach me?  i don't know.  the iodine is plum sold out of local stores, people are worriedly talking, but is the fear warranted?  is the media just pulling our strings?  i don't know.  i just don't know.  nobody really knows anything, and that's the hard part about times like these.  

so what do i do?  go on like it's a normal day.  thank my lucky stars.  pray for an end to the suffering, a swift recovery.  try not to think about the magnitude of tragedy.  just another day.

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  1. Seems like gratitude for what we do have might always be the right answer and hopefully helps make us all more generous. I liked this post, saying in part that it's our responsibility to appreciate what we do have, our normal moments -