my buddy

today, i did the undo-able.  yes, i did it: i turned off my computer.  for most of the day it sat there, lifeless, black, not pumping me full of useless status updates, not streaming the latest and greatest tunes, not stuffing my mind full of photos of hot folks wearing the hippest fashions, not updating me on the state of current catastrophes.  just sitting there: black screened, lifeless, benign.  it was liberating, not having the i.v. of pop culture overload to tap into at any moment.  and i actually got a lot of work done, with minor emotional toil.  so from here on out, i'm going to practice turning the computer off.  because i realized: unless it's off, it's a constant presence.  an addiction.

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  1. Jessica, for some reason the sugar package reminded me of my favorite cake when I was a kid. It's the chocolate cake on the hersey's cocoa box. Recently I told my young friend Shelley about the recipe and I gave her a box of the cocoa and she made a cake for her boyfriend now it's her favorite cake.