art walk

reserved for b. sears

i went to bellingham for the artwalk, to hang my watercolors in karie jane's studio to get some "bellingham exposure".  but it was a quiet night, not many people coming through, so after hanging everything proper we all gathered together and sat cross-legged on the carpet of the tiny studio floor listening to 90's rock.  kj and melissa and miles playing cards, me and little jasper working on some watercolors, eric and david and his brother chillin and chattin, all of us relaxed, getting up now and again to take our mini art tours of the four studios that were open, to help little jasper track down bad guys with his homemade cardboard sword or to look at the robot in the toaster museum again and again.  all in all, it was perfect, i much preferred the down-home living room feel to any sort of opening or reception that i could take in, and so i was thankful.  because to me, art isn't pretentious, it's not just a luxury, a commodity, a spectacle, or merely for entertainment. it's a way of life.

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