measuring up

one thing that's good about the last day of the year is that it forces you to reflect upon the preceding 364 days and how they were spent.  i must say, this year was the year of resolve.  i moved out of portland, to edison, started my new life, and started this blog.  this project has made me feel more productive, more expressive, more vulnerable, and more connected on a human level than ever before.  and because of this, i realized a lot about my own ambitions: the world can judge you and praise you, you can climb the ladder fast and hard, but when you look in the mirror that's not what's important.  it's how you push yourself to exceed your own expectations, it's the soul and intention in your day to day work, it's the depth of your relationships and the people you love that really matter.

this year i broke the ties and tied the loose ends and  that made me feel more like a loose cannon. i began to really feel progress in the personal realms of maturity, positivity, optimism, balance, health, calm, and organization.  i made new friends, and loved the living daylights out of the friends i already had.  i worked through immeasurable amounts of grief, and am happier now than i was at the beginning of the year.  it took a lot of work.  because of this, i have a feeling that starting tomorrow, i will have that overwhelming feeling of a fresh start, that clean slate, anything is possible feeling.  and not just because of the vacuuming i did today.   this is good, this is very good.  my resolution?  keep it up.  love the life you live, and live the life you love.  it's all you got.

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