missing someone

i don't have a tv.  i don't watch tv.  so when i'm around a tv, my eyes are on it.  its hypnotic power is hard to avoid.  when i visit my dad, the tv is on.  programming ranges from hoarders to intervention, but usually deals with some severe addiction, or an obsessive compulsive personality disorder.  it's both painful to watch, and fascinating.  

tonights programming is celebrity rehab.  i've never been to rehab, i don't know what it's about,  i don't pretend to know how impossible it is to recover from a hard drug addiction, and repair the emotional wreckage caused by an addiction.  but tonight, as i watch people try to resolve painful issues from their past, as i watch them move from helpless to empowered, i know that someone i love dearly is taking the same steps.  as i watch the people on the television begin to wake up, to dissect their lives to try to understand what the hell happened to them, my heart breaks.  people everywhere are struggling. 

a prayer, for recovery.


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