today, james and tom, also known as "team dumpster", demolished and removed what was a nasty, old and dingy dur-a-stall plastic shower from our tiny  washroom.   they removed the peeling plywood walls, down to the studs.  all to make way for the cast iron clawfoot tub we've been hoarding, the one we moved all the way from our portland house, to make a new, better bathroom.  i am excited about the progress already; every little step towards carving out our unconventional home makes a huge difference to me.  and i'm so very thankful that james will play ball.  i blame my demanding nature on a totally cush suburban upbringing: with all the creature comforts a girl could ask for, it conditioned me for a life of luxury.  and so when i complain about my house being filthy or cold or chaotic, i feel as if i can't help it.  james, on the other hand, has inhabited yurts, vans, shanty's, even snow caves, and been pretty darn comfortable.  our job, now and forever, is to find balance and harmony, comfort amidst the chaos.

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