getting somewhere

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if you have to do something every day, you realize a lot about that something.  you find ways to do it well, to do it fast, to survive it.  you learn to cope with its inherent flaws, and to enjoy it at the same time.  painting every day is that way.  working is that way.  parenting is that way.  cooking meals is that way.  i guess if you do anything every day, you're bound to get better at it over time, and bound to slip up now and again.  you'll look around for new ways to be inspired, and ways to mix it up, you'll keep your ears and mind open to advice, in an effort to keep things interesting.   it's a good habit to get into, doing something every day.  it creates routine and stability, and is a healthy challenge.  that's my assessment, at least.

since i started my one-a-day blog, i've noticed a lot of people starting their own one-a-day,  or one-every other-day, or even one-a-week.  the projects i've seen my friends undertake range from baking bread, to writing poems, to practicing violin.  it's becoming a bit of a creative movement.  i don't take credit for anything; i know it didn't start with me.  when i started following my first one-a-day blog years ago, there was already a huge network of daily painters.  it wasn't until years later that i was inspired to rise to the challenge.  and this year, that same artist completed his thousandth painting.  i'm only on #136, but its still exciting.  by doing something every day, you get somewhere.

what's your one-a-day? 

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