blame it on the moon

private commission

today was much better than yesterday, thank you for asking.  i blame the solstice full moon lunar eclipse for all the whacked-out moodiness lately.  yes, i believe in the power of astrology.  today, fortunately, i woke up feeling optimistic. (funny how that moment of waking can define your entire day.)  i took off in my trusty pickup for the usual errand-running to procure the necessary groceries for the week, a much needed departure from tiny town.  i admit: sometimes i start to feel trapped in this little village, especially after a few days of putting my "nice face" on to play shopkeep.  a little wide open space, a little eye candy out-and-about, and a full fridge later, a girl is bound to feel as good as new.    

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  1. if the moon can pull oceans, no doubt it can sway our hearts.

    yesterday's post struck home too. some days i am so damn mean inside my head it surprises me that other folks can't see the black smoke swirling up out of my ears.

    and then something so subtle- like a painting- can shift all of it.