private commission

there is something about finding the perfect gift that is so exhilarating.  and yet, there is something so stressful about trying to rack your brain for what that perfect gift might be.  as "the holiday" approaches, i've been formulating a list to make my job easier.  but i know that in spite of all my efforts at planning, sometimes the perfect gift is allusive.  then one day, at random, it will find me, pick me out of the crowd when i least expect it, and say "hey, i'm the perfect gift for so-and-so".  33 percent of my gift giving is precalculated, 33 percent is like playing marco polo in an olympic sized pool, and 33 percent is me crazily crafting in the studio like a contestant from supermarket sweep. 

lately, i've been watching some of my my man-friends struggle a bit with what to give their special ladies.  it pains me to know that they're toiling over how to quantify their feelings into some material offering, possibly afraid of failure, or just overwhelmed by the idea in general.    and us ladies, when asked what we want, will often respond with, "oh, i don't need anything," or, "your love is enough,"  when really we mean: it better sparkle, buddy.  

this year, to circumnavigate the "what should i buy" syndrome, i challenge everyone to make a gift for the ones they love.  try it, you might like it.  because there is nothing more gratifying than spending good old-fashioned time and effort on something meaningfully hand-hewn, and then giving it away.

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  1. Or back rubs. They could just give back rubs. :-)