today, i started my first worm bin, and i am beyond excited.  you see, james and i have been struggling with the stinkiest and grossest compost in all of washington state.  our previous bin was too big, and got too full, and we both would get too busy with other stuff and neglect to empty the damn thing outside.  until it's too late.  and then opening the lid is an "at your own risk" situation.  the smell almost knocks you over. and the flies have found their way in and decided to start a family in there.  maggots.  gross.  it is a completely disgusting part of a lovely natural process that we haven't quite ironed out.  so when i saw a little plastic freezer jelly box full of red wigglers for twenty bucks at the bow holiday market, i jumped.  today, i took my blue recycled plastic tub and drilled a million holes in it.  i lined the bottom with thin shreds of newsprint, then sent james outside to cover the paper with soil, compost and straw.  i wetted everything down, and then let the little guys free.  they were all in a lump, a red slimy wiggly lump, all stuck together, so i separated the clusters into individuals and scattered them around the bin.  then i put some fresh decompostables on top.  and now....the waiting begins.

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