heaven and hell

collection of p. senter

today, walking through michael's craft store, i was appalled. first, by the christmas music.   it was absolutely horrible, tasteless and offensive.  with phrases like, "he was crucified and died for our sins," it was blatantly christian, and graphically religious, yet so specifically non-inclusive of other religions.  what bothered me most was that i couldn't escape it.  i really wished i had a red ryder to shoot out the speakers.  it followed me down every aisle, and certainly didn't put me in the christmas spirit.   nor did the million and a half things colored red and green and encrusted with glitter.  the christmas decor.  the fake snow, the fake snowflakes, the fake green stuff, the fake poinsettias...fake fake fake.   the smell of cinnamon potpourri penetrated every pore.  i don't know about you, but i prefer real evergreen wreaths with that authentic fresh evergreen smell, thank you.  

with every season, there is another to follow, with a different consumer holiday and a complete change-over of the store merchandise. so my question as a bleeding heart environmentalist is:  what's to happen with last year's decorations?  do they go to a landfill, or in storage for years to come?

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  1. but they have real pinecones! with glitter balls!