i recently got an anonymous comment on my blog.  it just said "you're welcome".  after some digging, i found out it was my dad.  he was responding to something i wrote about my "cush suburban upbringing". a loving little poke of sarcasm my way.

but it's funny.  i think about him a lot.  because i know i wasn't just lucky.  i was fortunate.  i had a wonderful and magical childhood full of music and art and joy and laughter.  and it didn't just come out of nowhere:  it was designed by my folks.  sure, there were the rough spots.  that's life.  but i was sheltered just enough, i was given the room to breathe and grow and explore, given the chance to fuck up and try again, given the tools to learn by.  i was given the safety of my family and three meals a day and a comfortable house in a quiet neighborhood right next to my school, a house with a big manicured lawn to play in and two dogs who fetched and a cat that purred under my covers at night and the nicest neighbors.  i was given the gift of security, of safety, of all the love i could ask for.  within this framework, i discovered who i am today, and how to be happy in the future, in spite of adversity.  i am humbled by the generosity, dedication, patience and selflessness that parenthood requires.

thank you dad. from the bottom of my heart.

and to the mommies and daddies out there, making safe nests for your babies to grow in: i commend you.

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  1. Oh Jessie,
    You are the delight of my life!
    I love you so much.