the wind

 there's nothing like feeling the wind in your hair.  there's just nothing like it.  
today, james gave me the greatest gift.  before that, the day was melancholy at best.  our rickety old dog wouldn't eat again, and the brand new water filter i got for james broke right out of the box. it soured my mood; i wasn't feelin so keen about all this christmas stuff.  i was just missing the old days and christmas eve at and june and uncle earl's, i was just fussing about this and that.  and then, like the true knight in shining armor he is, james came in for a rescue, and gave me my present:  a pair of safety goggles and some riding gloves.  he takes me outside, and there they are, the bright red grammy and grampy scooters. we got them in a sweet trade a good while ago, but they didn't quite run.  with the help of our local handyman tom skinner, james got 'em all fixed up and ready to go.  to celebrate, we revved up the mighty 50cc's, and buzzed around town, to the river and to the school parking lot and to east edison loop.  it was my first time driving my own motorbike.  we got all the way up to 20mph.  and i couldn't wipe the shit eating grin off of my face.

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