even the losers win

last night we snuggled up for movie night at tom and heather's and watched beautiful losers, an entirely engrossing documentary on a diy movement of artists and galleries from new york in the 90's.  it was an inspiring piece of history, with great footage and candid talks with some of the best subculture artists of the era.  the idea of a do-it-yourself reality, the subversion from an archetypal gallery system, creating new ways to make and view art, the double-edged sword of "making it" as an artist... it all really hit home for me and james.  because although we may sometimes feel like outcasts, rough around the edges compared to some of the bourgeois conventions in the art world,  we were reassured to see those who have walked the steps before us.  our role models.  driving home through the flooded fields, driving up to our art barn, glowing with lights and filled with handmades, we couldn't help but both feel our little bubble of energy growing, expanding.  like a seed of a new movement, finally taking root.


  1. SO glad we watched it with you. After you left, I told Tom that if you two hadn't been there, I would have just been thinking about you the whole time!

  2. subvert the dominant paradigm. all together now...