anything and everything

i was sad to see my brother and dad go.  for two days, they were all that mattered, and all of us together, we were a family again.  and so i almost cried today, standing there waving them away down the long highway corridor, me and james in true ma-&-paw fashion, on the curb in front of our primer-white barn.  i miss them, those boys of mine, since i moved away. i don't get to see them near as much as i would like to, as much as i used to.   i forget how funny they are, slapstick, how easy to be around they are.  two peas in a pod, father and son, cut from the same cloth, yet different in all the right ways.   they make me laugh, those boys do, from the gut i laugh. they help me remember who i am, and where i came from.  quality time with my boys is precious, and something i could not live without.

so today's one-a-day is in oil.  i didn't have time to do a watercolor today.  it's a small painting, and it's the last painting for my show at the world famous old-town-cafe, and i did it in its entirety today.  i've been working too hard, and the delirium is beginning to set in.  although i've been enjoying the intensive refresher into productivity, i'm reeeally looking forward to a few days off.  tomorrow, we frame, and tuesday, i hang.  and then...knitting, hiking, gardening, sewing, cooking.  for a few days, at least, anything but painting.


  1. I am really excited to see your show. If I wasn't broke from spittin' out a babe I'd for sure be buying a painting. We might get one anyway.
    -Emily Clauer

  2. jasper has been asking me to go to james and jesse's house. everyday he asks. i keep telling him that you are busy working and when you are done we can visit. he will be so relieved. you have cast some kind of magic spell on my kid. uncle jesse.

  3. I had sooooo much fun Jessie. Soon we will be neighbors.