movie night

 movie night at the mini farm is something i look forward to.  it's a new tradition.  tom and heather became our neighbors this summer, the days quickly grew short and dark and the cold set in.  thus, movie night was born.  it's one of those things you invent when you live in a small town, to gather your people close to you, to make the winter feel festive and alive.  and in the company of these two good good people, snuggled up on the couch in our socks with our knitting and hot beverages, it most often does.

last night, tom picked our selections.  we watched a fascinating documentary about krump, a wild dance craze i knew nothing about, followed by some episodes of marc, a glam rock variety show complete with its own dance team!   needless to say, i was enlightened.  and i've got some new moves to show for it.


  1. Hi Jes, Woah, it is so sureal to read about your movie night after playing cards in your snuggly living room for new years eve. It could not have been a better night for me and felt just right. I couldnt help missing John as I was looking at the stars just after 12 and wondering if our friend was sitting at the table with us making his bets. Big Hugs, I love your page....it brings me home. Theo