if you're anything like me, you can't get any work done unless the music is good.  and when the music is good, the work follows suit.  it's a strange equation.  for someone that listens to music pretty obsessively, it is an unfortunate circumstance that i also tend to burn myself out on that music fairly quickly. i suppose listening to an album twenty times in a day will do that.  luckily, a few websites have come to my rescue, with unlimited access to new music for the hungry listener.

pandora radio can make a pretty satisfying cocktail out of your favorite musical tastes.  my favorite lately is a mix of david bowie, pavement, velvet underground, and t. rex.  

daytrotter has live sessions that are available for free download. lots of bands you have and haven't heard of yet.

kexp also has gobs of live studio recordings, plus limitless radio shows to choose from, streaming at your fingertips.

pitchfork aways dishes out fresh new downloadable samples and reviews...

and then there's hollow earth radio.  streaming local goodies.

anything i'm forgetting?


  1. I'm curious about this but haven't checked it out: