take a load off

 it's ironic.  first, i injure my back.  then, three days later, just as i was starting to feel a little better, by some cruel twist of fate james injured his.  in this role reversal, i felt wholly empathetic, having just recently gone through that unique shooting sharpness lose-your-breath kind of pain that only a pinched nerve can provide.  and so today, i tried, with all my might, to bring forth the healing powers i know i possess...(those powers we all posses, if we should choose to use them.)  and i felt fortunate, for the healing that has occurred in my own life, for the healing energy that james has offered me, without expectation or grudge.  and for the healing together, as friends and partners, that we have worked so diligently to provide for one another.  when a union works like this, when it works like it is supposed to, it softens the burdens of life. and that, my friends, is a divine gift.  

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