some days, more than others, even the simplest tasks seem insurmountable.  sometimes, i just don't feel like painting a masterpiece, or tending the fires, or making breakfast lunch and dinner.  i might drag my feet and go through the motions, without that essential spring in my step. because not all days are created equal.  you have to make room for the ebb and flow of life.  on those days when things are a little off, it's good to pick up and leave your shell for a spell, it feels good to go sit somewhere you've never sat before and take in the scenery. give yourself a moment to reset.  you can stretch, go for a walk, drink a big glass of water, take a shower...  but you must do something.  yes, sometimes you have to press the reset button.  because that thing just doesn't press itself.  it takes a lot of work to be happy.