well heelllooo there, spring, you're officially peeking those sneaky eyes of yours around the corner. i saw them today,  little green shoots bursting through the black mud, sure as hell signifying the first signs of daffodils. the barren black branches of trees are just beginning to bud in tender little colored shoots. the dog and cats are molting tufts of undergrowth hair everywhere, giving us the hair in our food in our mouths and in our nostrils kinds of allergies.  and it's warm enough to just wear a sweater outside without long-johns a stocking hat and a jacket.  although the warmth is a much welcome reprieve from chilly old man winter, i've been fooled before with a head-fake of a season change. yes, sometimes february surprises us, with snow and ice storms, burning all the new leaves black and killing those optimistic budding blooms.  how those plants somehow, mistakenly, got the wrong memo, lord only knows.  

if we should happen to get more winter, at least we're all stocked up on firewood round here.  in fact, our backyard looks like an artful firewood installation.  even our temporary fence is made of firewood.  we're pretty much firewood collectors.  yep, around here, with those wood stoves pumping, it sometimes reaches eighty degrees, hot cats sprawled out on the ground like its a tropical beach.

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