a walk

oh the sights you see when you take that two-mile walk to the bow post office and back.   stretching fields, shrouded in a divine blanket white, and the tree-laden hillsides flocked with snow, cuddled in thick blue-grey clouds.  noble kingfisher swoops from it's home tree along the slough, does a little aerial dance, chirp-chirping all the way.  big brown horse takes what little green grass i could find from my hand, and bucks his hind legs in a cheerful galloping dance as i walk away, happy to have found a friend i guess.  kestrel, in a miraculous feat of aerial acrobatics, spins in a graceful dive-bomb from sky to field, as majestic golden eagle, big as me, lights from the highest branch,  in flight to some destination.  glad i didn't bring my headphones, the music of the birds was altogether too soothing, and not to be missed.   on the one mile trek, i saw the likes of five neighbors drive by, cheerfully smiling and waving in that friendly way. it was a busy walk, a nice brisk winter walk, that walk to the post office and back with the snow crunch-crunching beneath my feet.  it was a good walk, and just what i needed today.

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