every morning from bed, long before i'm awake, i hear him chopping kindling for the fire.
collection of david mahlum

 sometimes you just have to cry.  you have to.  you have to let it all out, or the stress will eat your insides. i've cried some mighty rivers in my life.   i know what it's like to be sad; it's as inevitable as the northwest rain. we're all sad sometimes, and angry and stressed out and overwhelmed and tapped dry.  so why are we, as a culture, so afraid of crying?  when you cry, when you really cry, you can feel the release, the tension and the anxiety and all of the shards of your broken heart, you can feel them floating, lifting out of you, through your muscles and further still through your skin, through the top of your head, tickling the hair follicles on their way out.  it's a release, crying is, from all the things you have bottled up and bottled together just to make yourself seem okay to the outside world.  and once you've released a little steam, you feel renewed.  you can get back to life, get back into rhythm again.  researchers have found that tears actually contain stress hormones, the same nasty hormones that wreak bloody havoc on your brain and every other precious system in your body, the same hormones that could possibly cause long term damage and disease.   seeing as how the body is comprised mostly of water, it does make some sense.  how else were those nasty feelings supposed to get out, but through your tears?  so do it.  all together now:  go ahead and have a good cry.  for your health.


  1. i stumbled upon your blog through a mutual friend & i love your painting, reflections & wisdom. its been many weeks of reading and i thought i must comment and let you know that i wish you the best. i hope you keep writing & painting, its truly a treat! thank you.