the line up

tonight, i hung my one-a-days, their thick watercolor paper clipped with black butterfly clips and hung by pin nails all in a line, on the gallery walls of the edison eye.  the edison eye was the first gallery in edison, it's the only reason there is an art scene in edison. but the gallery walls have been nearly empty for a while.  dana and toni ann, the owners, are the godparents of skagit valley art.  they have been throwing quality shows since the seventies.  they built up quite a following, and were known for the valley's best art parties, but as of late they've grown tired of the business and distracted by other things.  still, they have the best space around, and i've been hopeful that they would pick up to monthly exhibits soon.  and  so i've been working up the courage to try and convince dana and toni ann to give me a show there.  but in a semi-covert mission we (me, joel, james and david), decided instead to respectfully ambush the gallery while the mister and missus were away in mexico.

  it was good to get those watercolors out of that little basket in my store where they were hiding, out into the light and organized strategically onto a nice white gallery wall.  there, they seem so much more official.  there, they hold their own, and seem to tell a story.  there, they look beautiful.  just beautiful, if i do say so myself. 

so i was feeling accomplished,  happy as a clam as i came home to work on tonight's painting.  and as i was working on that painting, i caught myself trying to grab the pencil i had just painted.  the painted pencil.  laughed myself silly on that one.  


  1. Did I miss the free drinks at the opening?

  2. haha. no opening. YET. but if there is an opening we'll save at least one pabst for you.