after not touching our instruments for nearly a month, the daffodils by all means should have been a hot mess at tonight's scheduled practice. tensions were high, me with my back out, all of us knowing too well we have but three days to prepare for a holiday party we've been hired for this thursday.  yet magically, we sounded pretty darn good, and magically, we played in sync, and thankfully, the songs were pretty effortless.  i guess that's the way it goes when you've been playing music together for what seems like forever, when you're best friends, when you know each other all too well.   sometimes, in that situation, too much practice just makes things worse, makes us grate on each other's nerves, makes us impatient and restless, makes us play like a chorus of loose cannons.  tonight, after a long hiatus, we sounded fresh and enthusiastic.  not too shabby, i'd say.
and i'm thankful for that. because being in a band is like family.  sometimes it's drawn out dramatic and stressful, sometimes its political, sometimes it's for all the wrong reasons, sometimes its living hell.  and then sometimes it's perfect, it's fun, it's about creativity and the love of music.   and in those moments, it feels sustainable, like it could last forever.  those times, the band is the family you want to keep around, the family you want to grow old with, and the music is a comfortable and perpetual joy to share with the world.  
“Without music, life would be an error.”
 Friedrich Nietzsche 

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