lately, i've been enjoying watching the dynamic between my two cats.  they haven't known each other very long, and for a while they did little more than tolerate each other.  at first, they kept a safe distance, every once in a while scuffling over food, access to the kitchen, catnip, cat toys, access to our dinner, or attention.  and then slowly i noticed the change: hanging out in the same room together, pretending not to notice each other, like coy middle school crushes.   when we first got the kitty condominium, they diplomatically took turns sleeping inside, getting used to each others scent.  and when i put out the laundry basket full of blankets, they did the same.  when we got those matching blue chairs in the studio, they each quickly adopted their own respectively, chachie choosing the feminine chair with the embroidered flower pillow and violet throw, and max with the more masculine red checkered wool blanket and earth-tone cat-patterned pillow.  sometimes, they would switch beds.  now that we have the couch, they share it,  each taking their own end, and sometimes, accidentally, nearly touching.  they're finally getting comfortable with each other, and beginning to fall in love. 

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